One-Life KIT

The One-Life Kit aims to help you to reorient your career. It works in four steps. First, we wonder about your strengths as a person, about your professional assets and about your future professional expectations. In a second step, we explore with you the future professional tracks you have already imagined as well as those we may have identified together. The third part is devoted to reviewing ideas that can be good and removing the irrelevant. The fourth time is finally dedicated to further exploration of the most relevant track or tracks with a synthetic action plan to go further.

Just like the other kits developed by Cat2lion, this "One-Life Kit", although focused on the human, aims to be pragmatic by bringing you solutions quickly. The few hours spent together generally make it much clearer in future career directions. The approach is based on an open discussion without taboos with the objective to give a direction to follow at the end of the session.