Digital Audit

Doing a digital audit: what is it for?

Do you know what visibility you have? How do you place yourself on the web compared to the competition? How could you improve? What performance indicators should be taken into account? Performing a digital audit allows you to measure your impact at a given time on the screens. But also know what your competitive strengths are and what needs to be improved. You will quickly understand how to measure and consider your results. How to adjust its actions according to the results of the digital audit? After studying the impact of digital on your business, cat2lion will present the results through various analyses. we will help you adjust your strategy and optimize your actions. Thanks to the analysis of various indicators, we can advise you as best as possible to maximize your impact on digital. Performing a digital audit helps to understand your place in the jungle.

A digital audit: why?

Digital auditing is an essential step in building a new strategy and identifying the digital tools to be implemented to be competitive.

In this audit, we will analyze:

  • Your environment and its trends
  • Your visibility on the web
  • Your SEO versus competitors
  • Your keywords: which are the most relevant?
  • Your website and those of your competitors
  • Your digital tools and those used by your competitors
  • Your social networks and those of competitors
  • The digital pearls of your environment
  • After this audit, we will make findings and identify opportunities to boost your business

In summary, we advise you to make your company stand out in the competitive jungle and enjoy excellent digital visibility. 

You will see, when you have been coached, having a good digital visibility will be much simpler.

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