Creating content that represents you is important, but we must not forget everything else. The content is paired with SEO, or SEO. What is SEO? This is the place you occupy when a search is done on a search engine. The more your content is optimized, the better your SEO will be. It is no longer just a matter of writing a beautiful text, but of adding specific elements.

Anyway, style is one thing, but you have to adapt it to SEO. Story-telling can be a possible outcome, as it helps you maintain a consistent image and make your audience travel. Did you know that building the URL can change your natural SEO?

Thanks to cat2lion, you will develop an editorial line in accordance with your image. Together we will define a production strategy to influence your natural SEO. In addition, we can also coach you to create optimized content. We will provide many tips to optimize your site through keywords and a course of action according to your profile and values.But cat2lion also means creating content for your blog articles and all other types of content.

Varied and continuous content to leave your mark.

What types of content to create? Today, multiple channels are used in communication and content types also vary.

Together we can create the following content:

  • Blog articles
  • Text for your website
  • Emailing campaigns
  • Publications for your social networks (images and texts)
  • Stories for your social networks
  • Storyboard for your videos
  • Various images and media (poster, flyers, etc.)
  • Press release

In summary, we advise you to make your company stand out in the competitive jungle and benefit from a consistent and impactful communication policy. 

You’ll see, once you’ve been coached, managing communication will be much simpler.

Are we ready to go? We’re waiting for you.