Manage the Communication

Managing your company’s communication is an important step in your development. But in fact, what is “com'' really ? It is a set of interactions that make it possible to transmit information to others: human, animal or plant (you never know, it seems good to talk to your plants). Communication also includes all the techniques that make it possible to spread a company’s message to a wide audience. In short, regardless of the sector: to exist, one must communicate.

But how to do it well ? How to reach your audience in the best way ? How to manage communication ? How to create and manage your visual identity ? How to implement a communication strategy ? How to create communication materials ? How to create content? How to animate your social networks? How often to communicate ? How to manage e-mail campaigns ? How to write specifications ? Why have a press secretary ?

All these questions we will answer together to establish your communication strategy and plan and then operationalize it. For more details on all our communication services it is here. A specific project in mind ? Explain us.

The claw we can bring you:

  • Create a guideline for the design of a new logo
  • Design a “brief” for the realization of a new graphic charter
  • Define a new “omnichannel” communication strategy: Which audience to target ?
  • Which message to spread ? Which channels to use ?
  • Write a 1-year communication plan with specific monthly and annual targets and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to be met
  • Create communication materials such as brochures, flyers or for specific events
  • Create communication content specific to the media defined and in accordance with your targets
  • Familiarize yourself with the management of communication tools: social networks, emailing, Google Ads campaigns, ...
  • Delegate the animation of your social networks by a cat2lion expert to focus on your core activity
  • Implement an emailing tool and emailing templates
  • Write content for your email campaigns instead
  • Making you talk in print and digital media
  • Getting visibility in the press: writing a press release and liaising with journalists
  • Draft specifications to be given to your web provider for the realization of your new website

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