Internal Organization

To redefine your internal organization, you have to be ready for change.

Each company has a certain number of tasks to perform according to its objectives. But your employees can no longer figure it out. They seem to be lost between all the tasks they are asked to perform. Your team lacks structure and the feeling of a loss of cohesion is starting to take hold, so feel free to redefine your internal organization. That is to say, to dare to give back to each one a determined place. How to succeed in recovering a clear structure? What do I expect from each of my employees? How do I reposition people according to their expectations? How do I get his team back on track?

In order to redefine its internal organisation, cat2lion will propose that you review all your tasks and identify the person responsible for each position.

In this way, each member of the team will quickly regain their own functions, which will structure the team and increase its cohesion.

What is internal organization?

It is the structure and the dynamics put in place within the company to perform all the tasks necessary for the development of the activity?

To boost your internal organization, we will analyze :

  • Current structure: what works well and what works less well
  • Dynamics within the company
  • Resources mobilised: their feedback, needs and expectations
  • Business expectations in relation to human resources
  • Job descriptions of company profiles
  • The human resources assessment system in place
  • Tracks to boost your efficiency via your internal organization

In summary, we advise you to make your business stand out in the competitive jungle.

You’ll see, once you’ve been coached, starting or boosting my business will be a lot easier.

Are we ready to go? We’re waiting for you.