Start or Boost my Business

But why ?

You never lack ideas and you have (finally) decided to get started. Don’t you fear launching a new business from scratch?

So don’t hesitate, every year many new businesses are created: be part of them.

But before you get started, you better get ready. Ask yourself the right questions : How do you start a new activity? How to write my Business Plan? How to prepare a fundraiser? How to carry out a prospecting plan?

Your business is at half-mast, but you hold on to it like the apple of your eye (lion’s eye)? You’ve tried everything to keep him roaring, but nothing works, it doesn’t seem to work anymore. To boost your business, big turns can be taken to surprise your customers. How do you do it? What do I do to find new customers? Do I need to redefine my internal organization? How do I motivate my teams? Should I sell my products online?

Together, let’s start or boost your activity.

The claw we can bring you:

  • Define the priority and essential next steps to launch your activity
  • Create with you the Business Plan to present to banks and various potential investors
  • Create a solid case and a compelling case for fundraising
  • Pick up your new customers with a powerful sales pitch and realistic prospecting plan
  • (Re) Organize your company’s internal structure to improve your efficiency and achieve more results and employee engagement
  • Identify the levers that will increase the motivation of your teams
  • Generate sales on your website

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