Sell your products online and find the right marketplaces. Your product is ready for sale. Given the importance of digital, it seems important to sell its products on the internet. But many e-commerce sites already exist. You are lost before the multiplicity of the offer. Amazon? Fnac? Price Minister? The number of online sales platforms is increasing every day. What are the best marketplaces for your business? What would be my obligations towards its platforms? How is the storage of goods? What are the prices offered by each of these online sales sites? What are the most important criteria for selling your products on the Internet?

The goal of cat2lion is to help you target the best sites to sell its products on the internet according to your field of activity. Once the marketplaces are selected, we put in place strategies that will make life easier for you to sell online and continue to develop. We support you in your implementation process until the sale of your first products. Selling your products on the Internet means expanding your territory

E-commerce: what strategies to adopt ?

Sell live on its website or use other sales channels ? Set up tools to boost its sales ? Selling on the internet requires thinking and a good strategy.

Together we will analyze your e-commerce strategy :

  • The sales channels to be used
  • Tools to boost sales
  • Processes to be put in place to convert a visitor
  • Internal logistics to be set up to sell on the internet
  • All external service providers required: logistics, payment, packaging, IT, etc.
  • The measurement indices to be considered
  • The performance of your e-commerce site
  • The e-marketing elements to be implemented

In summary, we advise you to make your business stand out in the competitive jungle.

You’ll see, once you’ve been coached, starting or boosting my business will be a lot easier.

Are we ready to go? We’re waiting for you.