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Being accompanied, coached: it is knowing how to surround yourself to achieve your objectives and boost your business.

What does being accompanied or coached mean?Coaching is a personalized accompaniment in order to improve your performance or skills. The ultimate goal is to establish a dialogue to find solutions in accordance with a situation or issues. In short, it’s about surrounding yourself with professionals you can count on to improve: relying on expertise to think bigger.

Regardless of the sector, each company can be accompanied or coached. This will allow you to make strategic decisions, implement and effectively follow an action plan, or receive one-time training on a specific issue covered by cat2lion.

Cat2lion also provides training on communication and digitisation tools.

You, too, are an executive or business manager and the pressure you feel on a daily basis weighs on you. Do you often feel lonely about the amount of work to be done and the decisions to be made? Would you like to be accompanied a few hours a month by an experienced coach who supports you and helps you to take the necessary step back at key moments in your professional life? We coach many entrepreneurs and managers from various sectors, so do not hesitate to contact us.

The claw we can bring you:

  • Regular interviews to help you make complex decisions such as opening your business to new partners or preparing for your business transfer
  • An ally who listens to you to help you follow your action plan and discuss in a transparent manner the difficulties you encounter on a daily basis in your company
  • Regular monitoring to take stock of current and future actions
  • Training your team members to take charge of communication tools such as social networks, email, telephone
  • Reorganizing your internal organization to create a healthy and motivating work environment for employees
  • Optimizing your personal efficiency by redefining your priorities and investing your energy in actions that have the most leverage
  • Training modules tailored to your needs on internal and external communication topics (telephone, sales interview, email, social networks, etc.)
  • Tailor-made training modules to manage your human resources (and the motivation of your teams (job interviews, evaluation interviews, progress plan, etc.)

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