Have a good Digital Visibility

How to have good digital visibility without really being a digital expert?

First of all, digital is everything on a screen. This includes websites, applications, videos, social networks, ... All these elements are becoming increasingly important in the daily lives of customers and consumers. It is therefore necessary to have a good visibility on the different channels. The more visible you will be, the more you will reach potential customers. However, to be forceful, some things are to know. Do you know your competition? Have you ever thought about doing a digital audit? Do you know what SEO is? Why is it good to improve SEO? What is your involvement on social networks ? How to improve your presence on social networks? How do you imagine the redesign or creation of your website? How to write your specifications? Together, we will help you get good digital visibility for your business.

The claw we can bring you:

  • Take stock of your visibility on the web
  • Discover what your competitors are doing in “digital”
  • Position your company on the web relative to your competitors
  • Appear in the first 3 pages of Google
  • Have multiple traffic sources that point to your website
  • Determine the important points and necessary functionalities for your new website
  • Choose with you the web provider who will create your website

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